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Holi Day Festival Nepal 2020 – “The day of colours”

Holi Day Festival Nepal 2020 – “The day of colours”

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Fagu Purnima – Holi Day Festival Nepal

Holi Day Festival Nepal or “The Day Of Colours” originaly is named Fagu Purnima. Been celebrated around March everyyear

Fagu Purnima is a Hindus festival for celbrating the arrival of Spring. Is a day of music, love and joy and of course colours.

Whats the story of Holi Day

A popular story mixes Lord Vishnu, Hiranyakashipu king, king’s son Prahlad and and evil aunt Holika.

Prahlad  a fanatic Vishnu follower was against hiw evil father. King Hiranyakashipu was an evil man who was believing himself as God.

The King Hiranyakashipu tried to kill his own son Prahlad without succes so he called his evil sister Holika for help. Holika had the ability to get no harm from fire so convinced Prahlad to pass him through the fire safely.

Lord Vishnu has a different opinion and let Holika bearn and saved Prahlad. The people to celebrate the win against evil smeared Holika’s ashes over their heads and body.

Threw the years the…ashes became colorful and the “Day of Colours”been born !

Holi Day Festival Nepal 2020
Holi Day Festival Nepal 2020

Why Nepalis celebrate Holi Day?

They used instead of ashes natural colours by herbs. So they were a medecine for healing various diseases. Nowedays that medical science is by far better than the days of Prahlab, they just use dyeing colours.

Can visitors or travellers celbrate with localw ?

Yes indded. All locals will try to make you a part of all that happy and joy. Should be a same to miss it ! Just prepair your self. Get dressed with a simple Holi Day T-shirt you’ll buy in Bahktapur market and wear your shorts. Colours you can find all around Durbar square

Holi Day Festival Nepal 2020

Some Tips…

As a lifetime experience be prepaired

Moreover, you can enjoy concerts held in various places supported by local bands, Artists sponsored by different national and international brands.

Let’s learn quick tips on how to celebrate Holi festival in Nepal.

  • Buy white Holi Day cheap T-shirts around Durbar Square in Bhaktapur to keep them as a souvenir with all the colours after the…party
  • Wear old pants or shorts
  • Don’t wear a jacket
  • Advised to wear goggles to protect youreyes
  • Protect your inner ear with cotton
  • Protect your cameras and mobile phone
  • Avoid wearing expensive  accessorie
  • Hemp in local Lasi drink can be found. Try it responsivly
  • Take some friend with you for better enjoyment
  • Avoid the Holi festival if you are allergic to colours
Holi Day Festival Nepal 2020

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